About Smoon

You can swoon, you may spoon, but now you can Smoon™! Smoon is real-time relationship service to help you find the perfect time to create the perfect love.

Smoon is a one-of-a-kind tool that uses astrological analysis to determine the precise times of day two people will get alone (or not get along!) . A real-time relationship service, Smoon works to maximize compatibilities: cheering you on when it’s the best time to proceed, and warning when to take detours.

With an easy-to-use interface, saved profiles for you and your Connections, and up to the minute insights, Smoon is easily used on both desktop and mobile devices.

How Does Smoon Work?

We've all heard “What's Your Sign?” as a pick-up line. But even for the astrologically-savvy, our signs alone cannot predict perfect timing or compatibility. Using proprietary astrological calculations, Smoon can help. We analyze data from the day you were born, and map the moving planets on an hourly basis. The result? Real-time information that helps you tune into your dating destiny.

Who uses Smoon?

Smoon works for anyone who wants to keep and find greater harmony with the people who matter in their lives.

  • Single and dating: Track the people you're currently interested in or want to be in relationships. Find the best days and times they will be receptive to your advances.
  • Couples in a relationship: So you think you found "the one"
  • Married couples: Marriage can turn even the happiest couples into routine lovers. It can be a slippery slope if you let your relationship fall into a schedule. Smoon can help spice up your love life by picking the best times for 'date nights' and also when to maybe not push so hard for romance.
  • Friends: True friends are loyal, but even the closest of friends hit rough patches. Smoon can shed light into any misunderstands or suggest days where maybe you go it alone.
  • Family: You don't choose your family. Getting along is tricky, but Smoon lets you get into the "mind of Mom" and know the best ways to approach even the wackiest of relatives. Build stronger family bonds by knowing when and how to interact.
  • Work: We spend a lot of time at work. Our bosses and coworkers can sometimes make life tricky. Use Smoon to more artfully navigate work politics and let go of resentment.