Timing is Everything.

Introducing the first real-time compatibility tool.

Know When and How to Get Along with Anyone

Smoon is the first real-time compatibility tool that anticipates and helps navigate the emotional ups and downs of any relationship. By combining advanced astrology with mindful relationship psychology, Smoon makes it easier to realize great love and less anxiety.

  • Real-Time Updates for emotion shifts in any relationship

  • Custom Advice helps you adjust your style and expectations to get the results you need in the that moment

  • Pattern & Perspectives tools help see which relationships create the most anxiety and energy

  • Private Smooning Your Smoon connections are private! Your friends, lovers, family members and even the your secret crush will never know you’re tracking their emotions.
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How Smoon Works

You Input

your birth date and the birth date of anyone you want to track compatibility with.

Smoon Analyzes

hourly planetary shifts and their influence on the astrology charts of you and your connections.

You Get

24/7 color coded compatibility shifts and insights into how to navigate both good and challenging times.

Here’s what people like you say about Smoon!

“Instead of freaking myself out when he didn’t text me back right away, I decided to check Smoon. I saw he wasn’t in a good headspace and it wasn’t a good time to chat. I just let it go and sure enough, he text me a few hours later and we had a great chat. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my afternoon overthinking!”
– Emma

“Smoon makes dating soooo much easier. It’s great, I just check Smoon for Friday night and it shows me all the girls I have ‘green lights’ with and which ones I don’t. I never fails me!”
– Cooper

“I avoid conversations with my Mom, but I had to call her about watching my dog for the weekend. I love her but sometimes we just don’t click! Smoon helped me find the best time and way to ask for this favor without setting her off. It was amazing, we actually had a pleasant 30 minute phone conversation! I wish I had Smoon when I was living at home as a teenager!”
– Lisa

“I used Smoon to pick the perfect day and time to ask my wife to marry me. And guess what? She said ‘Yes!”
- Wayne

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  • Track one friend, lover or family member
  • Get your Smoon compatibly for the current 24-hr period


  • Track unlimited friends, lovers and family members
  • Look up any day or time in past or present for any connection
  • Weekend compatibility Highlights
  • Sort, filter and view Connections